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Viewpoint products are radiopharmaceutical drugs that are designed to specifically localize in cancerous tissues in the human body. In this way, our products are intended to deliver radiation for imaging and therapy specifically to cancer cells, while sparing healthy organs; thereby improving efficacy and minimizing the potential for toxic side-effects associated with many other cancer treatments.


Our next-generation radiopharmaceutical technologies are recognized by the scientific community to safely and effectively deliver targeted alpha particle therapies and have been issued numerous funding grants and awards.



Viewpoint Molecular Targeting is a radiopharmaceutical company developing precision oncology therapeutics and complementary diagnostic imaging agents. The Company’s leading alpha-particle radiotherapies are designed to deliver powerful alpha radiation specifically to cancer cells utilizing specialized targeting peptides. Viewpoint is also developing complementary diagnostics that utilize the same targeting peptide which provide the opportunity to personalize treatment and optimize patient outcomes. This "theranostic” approach enabling the ability to see the specific tumor and then treat it to potentially improve efficacy and minimize toxicity associated with many other types of cancer treatments.

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